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Thursday, 20 October 2011 12:42

                   Promote Hair Growth

                   Prevent Hair Loss

                   from Oryza sativa bran

  is nanoencapsulated niosomes contained bioactive compounds found in the rice (Oryza sativa) bran. The niosomes can deliver the bioactive compounds containing in the extract through hair follicles to inhibit the 5-α reductase which considered as the key enzyme that is responsible for genetically hair loss. The property of  is physico-chemically stable as well as safe for topical use with no skin irritation.   

 How is  effective ?

The in vitro 5-α reductase type 1 inhibition assay 

Active ingredients in  inhibit 93.33% of the 5-α reductase  enzyme activity. Its effectiveness is more potent of 1.64 and 1.22 times than finasteride and dutasteride.


Figure 1: The 5-α reductase  type1 inhibition assay of the rice bran extract in comparing to finasteride and dutasteride, the 5-α reductase  inhibition drugs.  

Key Benefits of   

-  is the nanovesicle contained the rice bran extract which inhibits the 5-α reductase, the causes of the genetic hair loss.

-  is nano size particle which is easily absorbed through the hair follicle.

-  is hair growth stimulator.

-  is safe for topical use, with no irritation effect on skin.

-  is chemical and physical stability.

-  is suitably used for various formulation preparation such as gel, cream and lotion.