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Thursday, 20 October 2011 22:40


Water Soluble Beta-glucan


is carboxymethylated derivative of β-glucan (Improve water solubility)


alt         The applications of β-glucans in cosmetic formulations have

   been approved for numerous benefits. β-glucans helps improve skin

   condition through stimulaing and activating dermal immune system.

   β-glucans stimulates the protective qualities of macrophages activities;

   resulting in, when applied to the skin, the acceleration of skin 

   restoration process from injury and resistance to the infection. In

   addition, β-glucans perform anti-aging skin regimes, as they

   occupy effects of moisture retention, anti-irritating, stimulation of

   collagen production, protection from UV radiation damages, etc.

   Generally, the limitation of -glucans in cosmetic formulations is its low

   solubility property. Our technology is the solution that helps

   resolve this low soluble qualification of β-glucans for more benefits in

   cosmetic's preparatiobs.  

 Key Benefits:

- Improve the solubility and viscosity of β-glucan

- Suitable for topical formulations such as lotion, solutions, gel and cream


Product Specification:

- Appearance: Powder

- Color: Light cream

- Storage condition: Stored in closed container at room temperature