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Saturday, 22 October 2011 12:10


Chitora® Technology



       The novel double barrier-system in which the  fragrance molecules

   are chemically linked to the natural polymer matrix of the carriers and

   simultaneously embedded in the particles' core. The chamical bonds

   used are cleavable, thus the fragrance molecules are releasable, and

   that is prolonged release in response to moisture.






WellCap®  Encapsulation Technology

   High loading and Biocompatible Nanoencapsulation


       WellCap® Encapsulation Technology is nanoencapsulation matrix

   system innovated from edible polymers encapsulating inside the

   hydrophobic active ingredients with nano particle size. WellCap®

   encapsulation technique presents many benefits properties i.e.

   impressively high loading of active ingredients, maintain active

   ingredients efficiency as well as long-lasting effectiveness of active

   ingredients and well dispersible in water. As derived from edible

   polymers and in nano-size, WellCap® is bio-compatible and proven of

   effective skin penetrayion. Moreover, the well water dispersibility of

                                                                                              WellCap® makes it suitable for various formulations. 




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